UPDATE - September 2018:
"JBWere has advised us that they are finalising their procedures for the new Class feeds and will be sending out appropriate Adviser communications including instructions for activating the data feed   Please defer requesting a data feed from the relevant Adviser until JBWere confirm that they have completed this process. Once JBWere have confirmed they are ready to accept activation's Class will advise all users"

Please contact us to check the status of the JBWere data feed before proceeding.

Authority Process 

1. Send an email to the JBWere advsier attached to the account with the following text (or download .txt file below): 

Hi AdviserName,

We request that you activate a data feed for the following account(s) into Class.

Account Name: Example Superannuation Fund
Account Number: 999999

Our Contact details are follows:

Business Name:
Contact Name:
Email Address:
Contact Number:

Please use the above email address for confirmation of activation and for the supply of your JBWere adviser code

Kind regards

2. Please CC the email to admin@intello.com.au 

3. The JBWere adviser will then arrange for the data feed to be activated and the email address nominated above will receive confirmation once the data feed a been activated together with the relevant adviser code. 

This adviser code must be provided to Intello to activate the data feed.

About this Feed

  • The feed should be activated within 5-10 business days
  • This feed supports historical transactions (JBWere data files will contain History on inception back to the beginning of the previous Finacial year only. i.e. If an activation request is made in May 2018. Historical transactions back to 1 July 2016 can be loaded)
  • Authority is at a account holder (client level) only
  • This feed provides daily transactional data
  • Foreign securities are not supported

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