As we have changed how our email notifications are sent (i.e. a periodic digest of open Tasks rather than one-by-one notifications per Task) we can now improve how we issue and manage Tasks.

The key change is that Tasks related to the Annual Accounts Jobs will be split up into bite-size items, rather than a single Task with multiple underlying sub-tasks.

Refer to the below examples:

Previous Approach - 1 Task, multiple items

As you can see, there are effectively 4 separate items bundled under one Task.

New Approach - 1 Task per item

Below is an example of the above four items split into separate Tasks (viewed under the Annual Accounts 2020 Job):

Please note two of the items have been combined into a single Task as they related to the same account / portfolio (e.g. Annual Portfolio Valuation and Annual Tax Statement for a wrap account).

Each individual Task can then be accessed and responded to as normal.

Why have we made these changes?

  • Provides absolute clarity in regards to what items are outstanding

  • Prevents too many comments on the Task

  • Ensures the when documents are uploaded to a Task they are filed in the correct sub-folder under the Job (makes life easier for the auditors = less queries)

  • We can still combine similar items that have identical actions - i.e. reports from the same investment provider / wrap account or a list of expenses needed for a rental property

Feedback or Questions

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these changes you can email or send a message via the chat box on the bottom right of the page.

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