The ability to activate the Praemium to Class data feed is dependent on the adviser users access rights within Praemium.  

Please also note that the images included in these instructions will have changed slightly when compared to the most recent version of the Praemium platform.

A PDF version of the instructions can be dowloaded here:

Authority Process – Praemium Data Feed to Class 

Intello uses Class Super to administer SMSF and portfolio accounts.Please follow these instructions to setup a data feed from Praemium to Class for your clients.

1. The adviser must access Praemium to obtain their V-Wrap Internal ID and email address:

  • From the Maintenance > User Maintenance menu in V-Wrap, click Change User Details.
  • Click Search.
  • Type your User ID in the Search By > User ID box. Your User ID is the one you use to log in to V-Wrap.
  • Click Search.
  • The four or five digit Internal User ID displays in the first field of the search results. The email address will also be displayed:

Please provide the Internal User ID and Email Address to Intello:

2. From the Maintenance > in V-Wrap, click Data Download > Export Setup

3. From the Export Setup click > Add button which will take you to the Financial Planning Export Details screen

4. Create the Export to Class 

From the Export Financial Planning Export Details screen create an Export Name > 

  • Frequency: “Daily” 
  • Due Date – “Today’s Date” 
  • Export To – “Class Super” 
  • Select “All” or select the specific accounts you wish to have as an automatic feed to Class Super. 

Once these fields are completed click Save button.

If this is a first time feed request or you require a refresh of data, tick the “Resend All selected clients information” option.

Obtaining Support

If you require support from Praemium with the above process, please contact them:

Email: Phone: 03 8622 1222

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