The form to link Intello to a BT Panorama account (which allows for read-only access) can be signed by the adviser. Please note that up to three account numbers can be added to this form.

The link accountant to a client form can be downloaded here: Intello BT Panorama Accountant Form

Please send the signed forms back to us via 

Advisers can also activate the Class Super feed from within BT Panorama's adviser portal.  Refer here for more information: Adviser Initiated Data Feed to Class Super

Information Provided

The BT Panorama data feed supports cash accounts, term deposits, managed funds and ASX listed securities. 

The feed does not currently process managed account (SMA's) transactions (January 2019). This functionality is expected mid 2019.

Historical transactions can be requested by Intello from BT.

For audit purposes we will require the annual valuation report as well as the annual tax statement report each financial year.  If the BT Panorama Accountant Form is signed by the adviser, we can obtain these reports direct from BT Panorama.

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