This authority process is at an adviser level only. 

Accounts without an adviser associated cannot currently receive an ING feed.

Authority Process 

The ING DIRECT Accredited Adviser needs to contact the Adviser Services team at ING DIRECT to request a Class password:

  • Call 1300 656 226 between the hours of 8.30 AM and 6 PM (Sydney time).
  • Provide the answer to your security question when asked.
  • Receive your Class Adviser code and Password.

For Advisers who are NOT ING DIRECT Accredited please follow these instructions:

Provide the following to Intello

Once you have obtained your details from ING, please email with the following information:

  • Class Adviser Code* and Password (as provided by ING DIRECT above)
  • BSB and Account Number for any accounts you would like added

*Class Adviser Code is typically a 7 digit number.

Other Important Information

Intello will start receiving the data within 5-10 business days.

Please note that ING does not provide historical transactions, so if there any any transactions that occur prior to the commencement of the data feed, these will need to be provided separately.

Intello will also need to be provided with a 30 June statement each financial year as well as a statements / transaction listing for any transactions that occur prior to the data feed commencing.  These are required as evidence for our independent auditors.

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