Intello can be granted read-only online access to download reports from HUB24.
In addition we can obtain a data feed directly to Class Super.

You can chose to provide authority either at an adviser level, or at an individual client account level.

Adviser Level Authority

Please follow these instructions to activate an adviser level authority:

  1. In the HUB24 Adviser site, go to Settings on the ‘Tool Bar’ and select Adviser - then ‘Setup EPI login

You will be notified if a login has previously been provided. 

2. If the below page opens, select the ‘Register for EPI Login’ button

3. Once the adviser has selected the button the adviser will receive an EPI username and password.

4. Email the above username and password together with the client account name and account number to 

Please note that Intello will only be able to receive transactions for clients where you provide us the account number. The esi feed does not enable Intello to log on and see other clients.

To enable Intello to login and see specific clients, you can have your client sign an Authority to Disclose Information (See Below).

Client Level Authority

As an alternative to an adviser level authority, Intello can be granted authority to receive HUB24 data at an individual account level.

To activate an individual account, please download the Class Data Feed Authority Form below, have the client sign and return to 

Forms are available here:

About This Feed:

  • Feed should activate within 10 business days
  • This feed does support historical transactions which can be retrieved by Intello on request
  • This feed does provide tax statement data
  • Authority is at an account holder or adviser level
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