Authority Options

There are multiple options for activating Macquarie Cash Management Account Data feeds with Intello:

  1. Client to sign a Macquarie Third Party Authority appointing Intello as a Financial Services Company (Enquiry Authority only) - See below
  2. Client to signing a Macquarie Third Party Authority appointing Class Limited as a Financial Services Company (Enquiry Authority only) - not recommended
  3. Adviser to provide Macquarie esi details to Intello - Instructions here

Macquarie Third Party Authority - Intello Appointment

This is the preferred option of enabling Intello to receive a data feed into Class. Intello is appointed as an additional 'financial services company' on the account with enquiry only authority. 

In addition to being able to receive transactional and balance data into Class, Intello will also be able to obtain bank statement transaction reports and audit reports meaning we will not have to request these documents from you or your client.

Authority Process

These instructions apply to existing Macquarie CMA accounts only. For instructions on attaching Intello as a third party as part of the application for a NEW CMA account, please refer to this article: Macquarie CMA - Intello Third Party Authority

  1.  Download the authority form
  2. Print the authority form and arrange for your client to complete and sign the form.
  3. Send a copy of the signed form to or upload it via the Intello Portal

About this Feed

  • The feed should be activated within 5-10 business days
  • This feed supports historical transactions
  • Authority is at a account holder (client level) only
  • This feed provides daily transactional and account balance data
  • Term deposits are not supported by this feed
  • Loan accounts are supported by this feed
  • Electronic signatures are currently not accepted
  • Intello will also be able to download statements and audit reports for the account
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