When you commence working with Intello, we will set up an Admin or 'Power User' on our Intello Portal to enable that individual to better manage how you and your team interact with us.

Admin users have the following additional functions not available to standard users:

Adding Other Users

Under Settings > Users a new user can be set up.

Updating Other User Details and Settings

Under Settings > Users you can change the following details:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Role / Position

  • Admin User Rights (i.e. to remove their Admin / Power User status)

  • Add of remove them as a billing contact (receives invoices)

  • Add remove Primary Contact status

  • Change Task Summary Email Frequency (Daily / Weekly / Monthly etc)

Changing Default Task Allocation Rules

It's possible for an admin user to change the default task allocation rules at an individual client / entity level.  

When the default task allocation rules are changed, any new Tasks created by the Intello Team will be assigned to that person by default. This will also change who receives the notification email.

To change the default task allocations for a specific client, navigate to Entities > Select Entity > Tasks and click on the three little dots on the right hand side of the Task Allocation Rules panel.

If you would like to update your default Task Allocation Rules in bulk, please email admin@intello.com.au and we will send you a spreadsheet with all your current allocations for you to update and return to us to upload in bulk.

Updating Payment Details

Admin users are also able to update their preferred payment information (credit card or bank account) when the preferred billing method for your business is organisation bulk invoicing (i.e. Intello sends your business once invoice per month for all the entities we administer on your behalf).

To update your payment information, go to Settings > Payment Information and update your bank or credit card details.

If the Payment Information link is not available, it means one or two things:

  1. Your default payment option is for Intello to invoice and debit your clients directly 

  2. We've not activated auto-payments for your business

If either of the above apply and you would like to update your preferred payment details (bank account or credit card) please email admin@intello.com.au for instructions (however DO NOT email your bank or credit card details in an email for security reasons!).

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