Another change in our July 2020 release is the ability to customise the frequency of emails received on a per-user basis, as well as an improved email design.

SMSF administration for advisers

Updated Email Design

Previously the email notifications triggered from our Adviser Portal were one-to-one meaning that when a member of the Intello team created a new Task, an instant email notification was triggered an you received an email for that Task only.

The new email notifications are more intelligent with open Tasks grouped by open Annual Accounts Tasks and other Outstanding Tasks (summarised by due date).

Customised Email Notification Frequency

With this update you will be able to choose how frequent you receive email notifications for new and outstanding Tasks.

Currently a new email notification is triggered each time Intello creates a new Task to be actioned. You will now be able to choose the following frequencies of the email notifications you receive:

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

How to Change Summary Email Frequency

You can change the email summary frequency by clicking Profile, then selecting your preferred Summary Email Frequency from the drop down:

Monthly will be the default frequency.

An Admin or Power User within your organisation can also change the frequency of email notifications for other Users within your organisation:

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